Rise or Die Trying
Rise or Die Trying
I'm Stacy! I'm 20.Long Island. College of SUNY Oneonta. I'm into pop punk, food, and some cheesy girly things.
So I actually got asked out on a date when I go home!

This is why I’m excited. In 2007 I went to warped tour for the first time and I was waiting outside of the venue to get picked up and this guy started talking to me and he was really nice and cute. Like two weeks later I saw him at Project revolution and we talked for a couple minutes. I found him on Facebook but then I haven’t seen/spoken to him since. Today he messaged me in Facebook asking if I was the girl he met way back then. He said I remember that face…and asked when I come home on break if he could take me out. Seven years later this kid remembers me….that’s so awesome!

So…I got guest listed for Four Year Strong at Uniondale Warped tour

Words cannot describe how happy I am! I fucking love them. Thanks big bro!