Rise or Die Trying
Rise or Die Trying
I'm Stacy! I'm 20.Long Island. College of SUNY Oneonta. I'm into pop punk, food, and some cheesy girly things.
So I actually got asked out on a date when I go home!

This is why I’m excited. In 2007 I went to warped tour for the first time and I was waiting outside of the venue to get picked up and this guy started talking to me and he was really nice and cute. Like two weeks later I saw him at Project revolution and we talked for a couple minutes. I found him on Facebook but then I haven’t seen/spoken to him since. Today he messaged me in Facebook asking if I was the girl he met way back then. He said I remember that face…and asked when I come home on break if he could take me out. Seven years later this kid remembers me….that’s so awesome!


I could cry I’m so happy. I really wanted to go with someone, but that didn’t work out.. then after that I start my big girl job because I FUCKING GRADUATED! :D

I was reading my yearbook.

I almost started crying reading all of the nice things people wrote in mine and all of the inside jokes that went along with our grade that brought us together.I can’t believe how some have died since we’ve graduated and how the time flew by and we’re graduating from college soon. I will never forget the people the have helped/inspired me to being the best person I can be. These kids have had my back through some of the toughest times of my life and for that I’m internally grateful. I’m so happy to be able to say I still talk to majority of people that I talked to in high school. It’s true that High school and college have been the best times of my life.

I’m going to tell you about my day!

Today was amazing honestly. It just proved to me that I can be really happy about things. I went to my first class where I had a presentation did pretty decent and our paper was pushed back another week. Then it was beautiful out today so I day drank on the Ford lawn and played frisbee and other games with my roommate kelsey and  few friends:) We were kinda drunk at dinner then I went to see my friends in Grant where I actually got thrown over a shoulder and held upside down at the top of the stairs on the 3rd floor. Then we went back to my room and drank and watched a movie and talked about kids from our high school. Then I got REALLY hyper and attempted to twerk against the wall with Kelsey and we tried a double plank thing. Failed, but we tried. Then we ran down the hall and were annoying Josh and Santa. Meaning me jumping on their beds and trying on their shoes and walking around. We took Santas phone and made pretty faces on it:) Then after I went back and jumped on his back and we were wrestling and he tickled my feet and I lost….But seriously I love college and the people in in hall.

Seriously I haven’t been this happy in a long time. Things are finally going great!

Last night

Last night I went to a fire department Christmas party with my really good friend Taylor. We both were so drunk, but I’ve haven’t had that much fun in such a long time. I was so happy I couldn’t stop smiling. I went with this REALLY awesome guy and we were dancing the whole time. I’m in such a great mood now 

Hey tumblr!

I got accepted to Binghamton AND Oneonta! Now I just need to pick which one!

Today is exactly what I needed.

Honestly, I haven’t been happy a lot recently and today was the first day I didn’t find myself thinking of wanted to be home in my bed. I spent the day on the beach drinking and smoking and just having fun with a few close friends. I was suppose to work, but instead I called out ha! Fuck my job. 

We went back to my house with a few others and watched Step Brothers for probably the one thousandth time. Then after I actually got to spend time with Okan and we watched the Rugrats until 2. 

Now here I am. Happy. 

So…I got guest listed for Four Year Strong at Uniondale Warped tour

Words cannot describe how happy I am! I fucking love them. Thanks big bro!

I need to focus on staying positive and happy

There is no reason for me to be upset as often as I am…Nothing is really wrong. I just over think everything and make stupid assumptions and it hikes my anxiety up to a whole other level. I think the reason I get like that is because in my head there will always be someone better, someone smarter, someone prettier, someone just generally better than me. I work myself up over nothing and I need to change.

I wish I didn’t have the tendency to hold onto things…But that’s something else I need to work on. Tomorrow is a new start. A clean slate to a happier me.

I’m going to change my life. I’m going to make it better because I can. Positive Mental Attitude. 

Words can not describe how much I love The Wonder Years.

They are fucking amazing<3 

Every time I hear their songs I just get so fucking happy!